Hello.  Iím David Suhor, singer, songwriter, pianist, songleader and  singing telegram artist.  I am originally from New Orleans, but I was educated on the Gulf coast of Florida.  My home is in Pensacola, Florida, where I provide live music that I hope is soulful, jazzy, inspirational, joyous, and sometimes silly. 

I've served as musician/director at two churches and sang opera for a time, but I am now performing independently and with my group or yours.  I also write and perform music for the occasion.

ShamaLamaGram (.com) is my most successful recent musical endeavor - singing telegrams.  It's great fun!  I get to bring crazy and beautiful songs and characters to celebrate, perk up or wish love.  Gorillas, crooners, chickens, gondoliers, grannies, rockers, starlets and Elvi become well-wishers of song through this age-old art and industry.

Of course, I still offer professional live bands (2 to 6 pieces) with jazz, classic pop and inspirational music for weddings, parties, events, nightclubs, restaurants and memorial services.

Most days I get to perform, write or practice music.  Everyday I am thankful for the chance to share it.  I appreciate your interest and support.

a little history...
Playing and singing have been my passions since adolescence.  In a choir since I can remember, I learned people are moved by music.  Throughout college at Florida State, I played piano and sang as an aside.  Sparse musical pursuits (karaoke, community choirs and sit-ins with my father's band) took a back seat to a ten-year career in computer networking and education.

I moved here in 1994 and met Pensacola saxophonist Thom Botsford, who turned me on to jazz.  We assembled my first real band, providing vocals, keys and his soulful tenor horn.   A tape here, a church show there...several worn fake books later and I'd found a lust and a voice for jazz and blues.  I've been performing professionally every chance I get.

In 2001, I stepped away from the computer racket and continued my music as a student at UWF.  I picked up trumpet, bettered my voice markedly and improved my jazz piano.

That led to work as church musician at the UU Church and thereafter as Music (and choir) Director and songwriter at Unity of Pensacola (until 2012).  I'm now working on an album of original inspirational chants, rocking choir songs and soulful ballads.

With telegrams plus band gigs, guest appearances and ensemble efforts, I get to perform passionately in different genres and venues, locally and along the Gulf Coast.

I've also been lucky to sing with the Pensacola Opera chorus, for the Jazz Society of Pensacola (big band stuff) and to complete an art project called Homefronts: Pensacola, in which I photographed all the homes in my historic East Hill neighborhood. 

When not writing or arranging music, I am an avid biker, computer geek and juggler of home improvement and musical projects.  I hope to soon add an original album or two.

Please feel free to browse and call or email if you have any questions.  I can provide entertainment for any occasion at a reasonable rate and I am always willing to try something new.
for bookings:

850 512-2220
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